Does your community meet your needs to h

Does your community meet your needs to help you age in place? Many retirees are considering urban walk-able areas to keep them active in their later years whether they’re driving or not. Consider this important factor when looking for a place to retire. You can also check out our “Aging in Place Checklist” to help…

Be #Fit4Function with Go4Life

This year’s Go4Life Month theme is #Fit4Function, showcasing the real-life, everyday benefits of exercise and physical activity. Exercise helps you keep doing what’s most important to you! Learn more

High Tech Helps Aging Drivers

Need a little extra help driving? These high-tech features can keep you safe as you get older. Read the article from Kiplinger here.

Florida’s Guide for Aging Drivers – 2016-2018 Edition

We are happy to announce that the latest revision to the Safe Mobility for Life Coalition’s Florida’s Guide for Aging Drivers is now available! Florida’s Guide for Aging Drivers complements our website ( and continues to provide helpful information to meet the safety and mobility needs of Florida’s aging road users. Users of the guide…

Community Champions: Our Link to Your Communtiy

Community Champions are the Safe Mobility for Life Coalition’s connections to Florida’s priority counties, those shown to have higher rates of crashes among residents over the age of 65 more than the state average.  They are the piece that connects data driven resources to older drivers, sometimes literally hand to hand. They are integrated within…

“Let’s Talk About Driving” Campaign

“Let’s Talk About Driving” campaign aids conversations about senior driving safety | Artcile out of the Missourian that discusses the importance of talking about safe driving concerns with your aging parent. Visit out Family and Caregivers resource page for more information on the importance of starting a conversation with a loved one about keeping them…

We need to talk.

Do you think your parents need to limit their nighttime driving? AARP offers a free seminar on how to start a discussion. Also visit our site on our resources page to get a free copy of our family and caregivers brochure on how to have a conversation about safe driving concerns.