Transit is Golden Safety Event – on SunRail!

It was a whirlwind two days with Gail, Stefanie, Katie, Megan and Lisa Bacot, of the Florida Public Transit Association, traveling from Vero Beach’s Safety is Golden Fair to Maitland, FL for the Transit is Golden event in conjunction with central Florida’s SunRail.  Seventeen residents from the Uptown Maitland Apartments gathered to learn about riding the SunRail from Caroline Gardner, SunRail’s business development director, from their location to anywhere the SunRail can connect in the greater Orlando area.  Gail, Lisa, and Katie all presented information on the benefits of using public transit as a safe mobility option and how to utilize various transit modalities….foot, bike, car, and rail….to increase access to communities and maintain independence as we age in place.  Everyone who attended received a tote bag full of great resources from the Safe Mobility for Life Coalition, FPTA, and Sunrail.  After the presentations, 8 lucky raffle winners rode the SunRail, free of charge, and traveled from Maitland to Sanford for a leisurely afternoon of walking, shopping, and ice cream!

Transit is Golden Events are a terrific way to showcase an area’s public transit systems and highlight the benefits of diversifying safe mobility options seniors have to access their communities, stay active, and let someone else do the driving.  Increasingly, another benefit of Transit is Golden events is the opportunity that local FDOT and transit companies have to interact one on one with riders, who are always generous with their feedback and suggestions, which works to make the overall rider experience better and better.

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