Community Champions: Our Link to Your Communtiy

Community Champions are the Safe Mobility for Life Coalition’s connections to Florida’s priority counties, those shown to have higher rates of crashes among residents over the age of 65 more than the state average.  They are the piece that connects data driven resources to older drivers, sometimes literally hand to hand. They are integrated within their communities in a way that bridges policy and action.

Marsha Kenokovich, Director of Planning & Special Projects at the Alliance for Aging in Miami-Dade

Meet Marsha Jenokovich, Director of Planning and Special Projects at the Alliance for Aging in Miami-Dade County. She studies health aging initiatives and acts as a liasion between her county and regional aging initiatives and the interests of aging Miami-Dade county residents. She is the Coalition’s first Community Champion, as of  Fall of 2015, with a unique connection to both local aging initiatives and planning curriculum for Miami Dade elder congregation sites.


Since Marsha became trained as a Community Champion she has supported the awareness of Miami Dade as a priority county to older drivers in the greater Miami Dade area.  She has collaborated on both Transit is Golden and Safety is Golden events in Miami Dade to promote safe local resources

Boarding the Miami-Dade Transit for the Transit is Golden Event

for drivers and transit riders.  She continues to advocate on behalf of older Floridians transitioning from driving by sharing the Coalition’s data and resources with transit policy holders on a regular basis.

Marsha’s support in the future will work toward linking the Coalition’s newest resources to her county and the surrounding area. She will continue her established communications with our Community Coordinator about opportunities for exhibiting the Coalition’s resources in Miami and support our community awareness events to reduce crashes among older drivers and promote safe alternative transit options for all older residents.

By Katherine Arnold, Community Coordinator for the Safe Mobility for Life Coalition


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