Florida’s Guide for Aging Drivers – 2016-2018 Edition

We are happy to announce that the latest revision to the Safe Mobility for Life Coalition’s FL_Guide_2016_SpiralFlorida’s Guide for Aging Drivers is now available!
Florida’s Guide for Aging Drivers
complements our website (www.FLsams.org) and continues to provide helpful information to meet the safety and mobility needs of Florida’s aging road users. Users of the guide will be able to understand the impact that aging has on safe driving skills, learn how to stay proactive about their driving, and plan for a safe transition from driving in an easy to read format.

The guide is divided into five sections:

  • Promoting Safe Mobility for Life
  • The Impact of Aging on Driving
  • Am I Safe to Drive?
  • Keeping Safe While Driving
  • Retirement from Driving

Within these sections we have added more pictures, updated contact information, plus included new information on:

  • Move Over Law
  • White Cane Law
  • Florida 511
  • Vehicle Safety
  • Tips to Starting a Conversation about Safe Driving Concerns

To get your free copy so you can remain safe and mobile throughout your lifetime, please contact:

FSU Pepper Institute on Aging and Public Policy
Safe Mobility for Life Resource Center
Post Office Box 3061121
Tallahassee, FL 32306

Email: safe-mobility-for-life@fsu.edu

Thank you!



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