You Hold the Keys to Your Transportation Future

What an empowering thought it is to know that whether you drive, walk, ride transit, or bike, you can create your own transportation plan that suites your needs. The ability to get to the places you like to go regardless of your situation can be achieved by a bit of planning, some community resources, and the right attitude.

Florida’s Safe Mobility for Life Coalition is a firm believer that there are three key areas to rSMFL_Keys_Tip_Card_Page_1emain safe and mobile to ensure you maintain an independent and active lifestyle as you age. That is why we created the “You Hold the Keys to Your Transportation Future” rack card that highlights these three keys while directing you to the resources available to achieve mobility independence throughout your lifetime. You can look forward to learning more about available educational materials and safety events designed to help you remain safe and mobile, in these three key areas:

  • Learn the impact of aging on driving skills
  • Be proactive about your safe mobility
  • Plan for a safe transition from driving

Do you know someone who may be concerned about their mobility needs? If so, please share with them the keys to staying safe and mobile and spread our positive and empowering message. To order a copy of the rack card, email our resource center at or call (850) 644-8145.


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