Older Americans Month

OAM17ShowcaseA_300x250Today concludes not only the month of May but what is known as Older Americans Month. The Administration for Community Living along with the Administration on Aging celebrate our nations older Americans each May to encourage individuals, communities, and programs to share what older adults have to say. This year’s theme, Age Out Loud, was developed to do just that. To give aging a new voice.

The Safe Mobility for Life Coalition agrees that Florida’s older adults have a lot to share and we used this time to help spread the theme. Through our community calendar, social media accounts, and connections around the state, we promoted the Age Out Loud message and how it relates to mobility independence. Florida has long been a preferred destination for older Americans. Beautiful weather and plenty of sunshine are not the only reasons why people flock to the state for their retirement years. The level and quality of programs and services make Florida a popular choice.  Because of this, older adults in Florida are engaged in their communities now more than ever. Leading the nation with over 19 percent of the population over the age of 65, Florida is greatly invested in the comfort and needs of this ever growing demographic.


Here’s how you can Age Out Loud when it comes to your safe mobility:

  1. Visit our website at FLsams.org. Staying active in your community throughout your life time means you will need to stay mobile. We want to make sure you have access to the state and local resources you need to do so safely. Our website is a wealth of resources, from finding a driver safety course near you to understanding the laws and roadway improvements that can help you.
  2. Order a FREE copy of Florida’s Guide for Aging Drivers. FL_Guide_2016_SpiralThe world wide web isn’t for everyone. We developed this guide just for you. It has all the same great tips and resources that our website has, but in a convenient handheld guide that fits in your glove-box.
  3. Follow us on social media. We know this is not just a tool for millennials anymore. Social media allows loved ones to stay in touch and share photos and stories. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to see where we’ve been, where we are going, and what we are developing.
  4. Sign up for our Safety is Golden Newsletter. We enjoy highlighting our accomplishments over the months. Our quarterly newsletter is where we share some of our stories, tips for staying safe on the road, and what is coming up around the state.
  5. Lastly, we ask that you share your new found knowledge of Safe Mobility for Life with your friends and family. We believe everyone can successfully age in place with a little help from their friends.

May may be ending but we plan to continue its message of empowerment. We truly believe that you hold the keys to your transportation future and as we age we should continue to explore new things, find wellness, and happiness where we can, and be loud and proud of all our accomplishments.


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